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Shelf Life Testing for Food

Learn more about the links between the sensory, microbiological and chemical properties of your products and your target best-before date.

Determining the correct minimum shelf life of food products is critical to the success of new products, the assurance and improvement of quality, and competitiveness in the marketplace.

  • SGS supports you with sensory, microbiological and chemical analyzes for an accurate result that allows product changes over storage time to be captured in a broader context
  • Different packages available depending on your needs
  • Testing performed by a highly trained and experienced team of specialists
  • Customized solutions available
  • Storage available under real-time and accelerated conditions – temperatures from -18 to 40°C

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Key benefits


Meaningful & reproducible results on the sensory, microbiological and chemical properties of your products. You can find our current accreditation certificates


Benefit from the many years of expertise of our employees!


If required, we will provide you with an offer individually adapted to your request and your product! Please contact us at:


Globally recognized report/certificate

Basic package

Checking the best-before date (BBD). Find out whether your product still has its typical qualitative product properties (e.g. taste = "sour, fruity" or taste = "no difference from control") and is microbiologically stable on the predefined BBD. Please note: you will not learn how (much) these properties have changed over the storage period and there is a risk of spoilage, off-flavor development, etc. before the test date is reached.

  • One testing date
  • Sensory: simple descriptive test (DIN 10964) or qualitative difference-from-control test (DIN 10967) with ≥ 5 assessors, accredited
  • Microbiology: various methods according to ISO (e. g. E.coli, Salmonella, etc.)

Price: 230.00 €

Classic package

Determination of the BBD. Check whether your product keeps the desired qualitative sensory properties and if/at what point sensory deviations and defects develop (e.g. testing date number 4: taste = "sour, fruity" or taste = "less fruity, musty"). In addition, it is ensured that there is no germ contamination that poses a risk to health.

  • Six testing dates over the period of storage
  • Sensory and Microbiology: see Basic Package

Price: 1,600.00 €

Premium package

Determination of the BBD. The size (easily understandable score) and type of deviations (sensory characteristics) of the stored sample in comparison to a fresh product are measured, which enables a very precise classification of the sensory quality, e.g. large overall difference (score = 6) due to medium differences in smell and taste = "less fruity" and very large difference in appearance = “brownish discoloration”. With microbiological tests it is ensured that no limit values for germs are exceeded.

  • Six testing dates over the period of storage
  • Sensory: quantitative difference-from-control test (DIN 10967) with ≥ 6 assessors, accredited
  • Microbiology: see Basic Package

Price: 2,100.00 €